Socio-Economic Development Services

Our firm can help company assess their business strengths and weaknesses and develop a vision and strategy for its success.

Pillars generally offers firms the following services
• Investment planning
• Corporate assessments
• Project audits
• Business planning and strategizing
• Market research
• Consumer research
• Feasibility studies
• Risk management
• Marketing and advertising campaigns
• Consultation on contracts and agreements
• Micro project advise and consultation
• Personnel training and skill development
• Information and records Management
• Human Resources systems: benefit analysis &design.
• Management and organizational analysis
• Management/supervisory training
• Corporate social responsibility

Local and International Firms
• Bylaw drafting
• Strategic Planning, Priority Setting and General Planning
• Program and project development, monitoring and evaluation
• Recruitment, executive searches and temporary assignments to find the right fit for executive positions and assist with professional placements.
• Business Plan development
• Performance monitoring systems and measurable indicators for the achievement of goals and objectives set in the various plans.
• Customer satisfaction surveys and public polls
• Needs assessments, research, surveys, studies, public polls,
• Information and Records Management
• Financial management, feasibility studies, and salary scale setting
• Production and dissemination of various informational materials
• Project management consultancy
• Grant applications and project proposals
• Development on internal policies, procedures and manuals
• Event management
• Staff development and training.