Engineering Consulting

Master planning
We design sustainable places in balance with the aspirations of communities.
Integrated urbanism, pillars’ approach to master planning, acknowledges the interdependence of urban systems and communities as well as the effects of global issues, such as climate change resilience and economic uncertainty, on the future of our cities.

People and place
Our master planning proposals are built on our insight into the way places influence wellbeing, work and lifestyle, as well as technical understanding of interconnected systems such as transport, energy, waste and information.
We test and refine our proposals with tools and analysis that join up the quantifiable and subjective aspects of spatial, social, environmental and economic context.

Delivery and implementation
Pillars’ consultants have track record lends confidence to investment in urban development – we deliver plans that meet regulatory (Both Israel and Palestinian Authorities) approval, and go on to successful implementation. Key to our success is collaboration with partners and stakeholders, which aids progression from design to delivery.

Places that evolve
Pillars’ master planners understand how place making can shape the future of a location. Delivering urban working and living environments that will attract local and international investment, transforming the future of the city centre.

Urban environments are becoming increasingly complex; issues such as changes to household makeup, land scarcity, air quality and noise require innovative solutions. Pillars’ technical understanding of all layers of the built environment allows our master planners to redefine urban living and working practices.
In Palestine, Pillars will demonstrate a novel model for living and working, while establishing new sustainability standards.


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