Environmental consulting

Pillars’ innovative approach to environmental consulting enables clients to achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility aspirations. From oces around the world, the team advises at each stage of a project or business development. Pillars’ specialists offer a multidisciplinary service aimed at developing policy, assessing impact, creative design and implementation, gaining regulatory approvals, reporting publicly, managing risk and controlling costs.

Air quality
Using state-of-the-art dispersion modeling and monitoring equipment, Pillars’ air quality specialists help solve air quality problems quickly and cost-effectively.

Carbon management and ecological foot printing
Pillars have international capability in lifecycle-based carbon and resource modeling and producing ecological footprint analyses.

Corporate responsibility
Working with staff and stakeholders, Pillars implements effective corporate responsibility programs, including environmental, social and economic aspects.

Cultural heritage
Pillars’ archaeologists and historic building specialists assess and interpret buildings, archaeology, landscapes and cultural identity.

Pillars’ ecologists work on all types and scales of projects, minimizing risks to programs and costs, and improving the value of completed schemes.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Pillars have international experience of undertaking complex and challenging assessments in many development sectors.

Environmental management, audit and due diligence
Pillars delivers corporate and project environmental programs, developing strategy, implementing effective operational management practices and reporting on performance.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Pillars’ specialists use GIS technology to analyze projects in their real world setting.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
Pillars is experienced in undertaking HIA – providing valuable information to decision makers on the effects of a proposal on human health.

Landscape architecture
Experts in place and space, Pillars’ landscape architects plan, design and manage our open spaces.

Noise and vibration
Experienced in all areas of environmental noise and vibration assessment and control, Pillars undertakes surveys and designs noise mitigation to protect the community.

Public consultation and communication
Pillars oer full-service consultancy, expert strategic advice or full program implementation, covering community participation, communications and media relations.

Resources and waste management
Pillars oer a wide range of capabilities, from strategy and policy development to planning and permit for the design, procurement and project management and waste treatment technology and infrastructure.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
To ensure that environmental considerations are integrated at the earliest stage of policies and programs, Pillars draws on a wide range of technical skills to undertake SEA.

A wealth of technical expertise at Pillars enables clients to incorporate sustainability into their strategies, projects and operations.

Water resources
The work of Pillars’ water specialists ranges from strategy and policy development to the detailed design of facilities, river engineering, flood risk management and water resources planning.