Management Advisory

Management Advisory Institutional Services Pillars Consulting approaches institutional customized advisory assigned as integral to organizational components of clients. Training, coaching and engineering of processes bring deep, functional expertise known for the participatory approach Pillars implements through its work and enjoys seeing our partner organizations functioning in effectively and efficiently manners. Thus, Pillars aims at supporting the  organization to achieve their goals […]

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding Market and customer research At pillars, we are able to utilize multi-method, behavior-focused techniques and approaches to give a tangible direction to create change in the marketplace. Our market research will help understanding critical consumer trends and marketplace shifts for a successful expand into new markets. Marketing planning and strategy Incorporating market […]

Training, Coaching and Knowledge Transfer

Training, Coaching and Knowledge Transfer Pillars aims to ensure a well learning and receiving preference of the business by conducting the methods of participatory knowledge transfer and providing coaching and training sessions to improve the performance and deliver the task assignment by conducting: Approach modern learning principles. Approach new communication strategies; workshops, Meetings, mentoring and […]

Intelligent Business Solutions

Intelligent Business Solutions  Pillars has an approach of unconventional thinking; the company promotes intelligence and effectiveness in achieving results. While being experts in big picture thinking and while understanding management and planning, Pillars was able to develop new software products that   represent breakthrough solutions for various range of clients. Local Economic Development Depository (LEDD): The […]

Environmental Consulting Services

 Pillars’ innovative approach to environmental consulting enables clients to achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility  aspirations. From o‑ces around the world, the team advises at each stage of a project or business development. Pillars’ specialists off­er a multidisciplinary service aimed at developing policy, assessing impact, creative design and implementation, gaining regulatory approvals,   reporting publicly, […]

Planning and Engineering

Planning and Engineering Physical Planning (Urban, Rural, Regional): Pillars pool of engineering experts is capable of managing comprehensive urban and environmental projects’ management including the design, planning, monitoring, surveys development, and commit to deadlines. These engineers have long experience in governmental and semi-governmental organizations: Environmental experts and urban planning experts.  Pillars uses the most recognized […]

Research and Survey

Research and Survey Pillars Consulting offer a broad array of experienced research and survey services in various areas such as consumer market research, customer/ citizens satisfaction surveys, services evaluations and opinion polls. Our services comprise all phases of research as follows: Baseline and End Line Survey The survey is designed to be conducted twice: at […]

Financial and Forensics Services

Financial and Forensics Services Pillars pool of financial experts is capable of managing comprehensive integral tasks, due diligence like business valuation and financial     management. Our deep financial expertise combined with our highly analytical methodology allows us to uncover fresh insights and devise practical and actionable recommendations in response to their most critical challenges. Public Finance Reform Pillars […]